Our Team

Florence Fasan

Image Consultant. Florence provides a comprehensive solution to get desirable result with the help of her team members to project a winning image to create a powerful first impression. We provide a one stop shopping for all your appearance needs.

"We bring the *STAR* quality in you."

Clarence Hiley

Make-up Artist. Popularly known as "Mr HILEYWOOD", is a professional make-up artist who creates a unique look that meet individual styles and preferences and exceed expectation. His personal style is to accentuate beauty in each client.

"Clarence is artistic, creative, ambitious, and a quick thinker"


Ronke Okoh

Skin Specialist. Ronke is a Skin Specialist who provides skincare treatments to face and body to enhance an individual's appearance.

"Ronke listens to client needs and provides an excellent solution for your skin care need"


Suzette Morgan

Hair Stylist. Suzette received her formal training from Wilfred beauty academy and has many years' experience working in this field. She analyzes individual hair and other physical features to determine and recommend beauty treatment or suggest hair styles.

"Suzette is passionate with her job and gives you an undivided attention to get the desired look"