• Corporate Consultation

We offer you tools designed to optimize the results you are after when it comes to raising the bar on appearance and image standards at your company. Employees will learn how to convey your company's image. This in turn will positively affect their self confidence and thereby enhance their interaction with clients and associates.

We also offer Sales Training, marketing and promotion events, product development and sourcing. Project solutions are always tailored to the identified needs, culture, and goals of each client.

• Personal Image Consultation

We help you develop your own personal style that is suitable for your career, lifestyle, age and personality, encourage you to wear only styles that flatter you, Coordinate outfits with confidence & Dress with confidence, achieve a better attitude toward dressing, learn about line, proportion, fit and tailoring and assist with your hair, skin care and make-up. Our services include women who deal with low esteem especially after a divorce or an abusive relationship. Men and Women who want to make a better impression with their appearance. Men and Women who have been promoted and would like to dress for success. Young girls and boys who are trying to define themselves.

• Wardrobe Consultation

We ensure you regain control of your closet daily and effectively. We will create storage space and provide possible storage additions to maximize use of your space. We will create the foundation for a stylish and versatile wardrobe. Shopping will become a new, fun and purposeful experience in accordance with your own personality and lifestyle. We will help you get rid of those outfits that do not enhance your looks and give possible suggestions. We will ensure that you can get easy access to outfits and combine clothes that you can wear; we will show you how to organize A Closet That You Share with Your Significant Other.

• Personal Shopper

Our consultant will accompany you on a retail shopping trip and advise you on the appropriate clothing and accessories to buy based on your established shopping needs. We will ensure that your time is utilized properly and you get the best value for your money. Our Services include helping you pick outfits for special occasions, a job interview, dress moms to be with stylish pregnancy outfit, assist you pick your wedding outfit including brides maid, grooms men, flower girls, Bride and Grooms Parents and friends.