Flo-fix has helped to enhance and adequately define my corporate profile and sense of responsibility. Flo-fix was very professional, contemporary, high-end and has served to boost my general corporate disposition. The service also touched expansively on my physical outlook with particular attention to contemporary dress sense / trend which ostensibly improved my carriage and general ambience of confidence. The resulting outcome from the tips I got from Flo-fix, enabled me to clinch many advertising accounts

-Olorna laezoh. Advertising Executive

Thank you for all the wonderful tips and advice. I have never been one to enjoy shopping and have been desperate for a makeover since the birth of 3 kids in 4 years! Because of your help, now I know how to shop for clothes that flatter my figure, choose colors that compliment my skin tone and accessorize. I have had so many comments about my weight loss (still weigh the same!) and everyone says I look and act different. Thank You so much.

-Ola Osei

Our Sales Force Team benefitted from the Services of FLO~FIX. The Corporate Training showed us the impact of appearance in business, how to look competent & credible. This has helped boost sales.

-Basil, Consociate Technology

The training improved my professional demeanor, appearance, and confidence.

-Ashley, Consociate Technology

My Wedding was just as I planned it to be, Thanks to Flo~Fix Image Consulting.

-Micah Brown

My Wardrobe was a Mess. Flo~Fix gave me a total makeover which made it easy to access. I have final taken charge of my closet.